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Boeing 737 The Next Generation

Program Highlights

Customer Chain: Spirit AeroSystems & ASCO Industries / The Boeing Company

First Contract Awarded: 1995

Current Production: ~280 Structural Details and Assemblies

31 Shipsets per Month

Total shipped: > 700,000 Parts and Assemblies

Boeing 737s—a family of aircraft designed to meet specific customer needs –are the best selling commercial jetliners in history. To date, more than 4,800 of the Next-Generation twin engine, narrowbody aircraft have been ordered by more than 115 customers.Boeing’s™ Next Generation 737s are designed to fly faster, higher and farther than earlier models, with improvements in operating costs, noise, fuel burn and thrust –all while maintaining crew commonality with earlier 737 lines.

Since their introduction, Next Generation 737s have outsold all other aircraft in their market category. Like Classic 737s, these new family members are offered in multiple sizes —from the 737-600 accommodating 110 to 132 passengers, to the 138-foot 737-900, which can carry up to 189 passengers over a maximum range of 3,140 miles.

Accurus has been proud to play an expanding role in this headline-making program.

The Next Generation at Accurus

Accurus began exploring work on the 737 program in 1993, the year the Next Generation program was launched. We won our first 737 contract in 1995.

In the ensuing years, our ramp up to support Boeing production has been dramatic. Since 1996, we have completed no fewer than six building expansions. We’ve installed dozens of major equipment systems—and increased our work force six-fold.

Today, Accurus machines high-precision, close-tolerance 737 parts in 280 different configurations—from 4” cartridge assemblies to the 34” x 9” x 4” closure ribs—in materials ranging from aluminum to stainless steel and titanium.

Production rates have surged—from the initial 12 shipsetequivalents for the first year to the current rate of 31 shipsets every month.

On-time delivery is at 100% and quality acceptance rates exceed 99.99%.

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