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JDAM: Smart Bomb. Smart Program.

Program Highlights

Customer: The Boeing Company

First Contract Awarded: 1994

Sole Supplier: JDAM Fins / MK-84, BLU-109, MK-83

The JDAM—Joint Direct Attack Munition—is a low-cost guidance kit which converts unguided free-fall bombs into accurately guided “smart” weapons.

Produced by The Boeing Company, JDAM adds to existing inventories of 1,000 and 2,000 pound conventional bombs a tail section containing Inertial Navigation System (INS) / Global Positioning System (GPS) guidance. The result? Cost-effective, highly accurate weapon delivery in any “flyable” weather. JDAM can be dropped up to 15 miles from its target with updates from GPS satellites to help keep the bomb on track.

The U.S. Military has called JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) the Airman Warfighter’s weapon of choice. With the ability to be released from almost every aircraft in the Air Force and Navy at low or high altitudes in nearly any type of weather, the flexibility, accuracy and affordability of the weapon have won it tremendous accolades.

Accurus is proud to serve as the sole supplier of a key component: JDAM tail fins for the MK-84, BLU-109 and MK-83 JDAM derivatives.

Lean Manufacturing

One of the distinctive features of the Accurus approach to manufacturing: we take full advantage of the latest manufacturing technologies and techniques—to improve quality, boost efficiency, cut costs and reduce turntimes.

One example: putting Lean Manufacturing systems and techniques to work in Accurus JDAM fin production.

In essence, Lean is a systematic process for evaluating the entire chain of events that create a product for a customer. The goal: a production system that eliminates waste—producing exactly what the customer needs exactly when it is needed, in the exact quantity needed.

To achieve that goal, Lean uses an arsenal of different analytical and work-flow optimization tools: Value Stream Mapping, Takt Time, Visual Controls, Setup Reduction, the Five S’s (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize & Sustain), Work Cells and Total Productive Maintenance.

These techniques are setting new standards in production efficiency—but it’s rare to find them implemented in small or midsized companies.

A joint effort between Boeing JDAM program officials and Accurus won special funding from the US Air Force to support development of Lean applications for Boeing suppliers. The dramatic ramp up of the JDAM program necessitated a concentrated lean focus to attain production requirements.

Extensive training with Accurus’s workforce and downstream suppliers supported several Accelerated Improvement Workshops (AIWs / Kaizen Events) that were conducted to design and develop an extremely efficient lean flow for JDAM.

Accurus was the first Boeing supplier to provide parts directly to the St. Charles, MO., production line in a consumption-based, pull system.

The lean foundation that was laid during the ramp up JDAM continues today with a full-time dedicated Lean Champion on staff at Accurus to continue to design and direct our lean journey. The latest chapter in the lean story is focused on the use of multi-machine, multi-pallet cells to fundamentally change the workflow at Accurus.

For aerospace manufacturers—it is more important than ever to do business with suppliers that can be counted on for maximum performance and value. At Accurus we are committed to increasing value to our customers throughout the entire development, production, sustainment life cycle.

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