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Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Program Highlights

Customer Chain: Spirit AeroSystems / The Boeing Company

First Contract Awarded: 2006

Statement of Work: 12 Structural Rib Assemblies

10 Intercostal Kits Containing 62 Structural Components

Boeing has credited the pursuit of advanced technology and unparalleled performance as the inspiration behind the 787 Dreamliner. The 787 will provide airlines with unmatched fuel efficiency and will travel at speeds of Mach 0.85. 58 customers have placed orders for more than 896 airplanes from six continents of the world, making the Dreamliner the most successful launch of a new commercial airplane in Boeing’s history.

On-time delivery is at 100% and quality acceptance rates exceed 99.99%.

Flexibility Innovation Execution
The 787 program has been called a program of “firsts”. Many milestones are being set by the global team including being the first primarily composite commercial jet liner. Accurus has contributed its own set of firsts to the program being the first sub-tier supplier to provide production structural ribs through shipset milestones 12, 20 and 30.

The entire 787 supply chain was under tremendous pressure to design, tool, program and fabricate parts and assemblies to meet an extremely aggressive development and ramp up schedule. Accurus is proud of the contributions that we have made to the program and have developed a scaled production approach that includes an extremely flexible front-end when designs are volatile to a very lean cellular path during the normal and elevated stages of production.

Better Faster Cheaper
In all our work, we make use of the latest manufacturing techniques and technologies –and we challenge all our employees to find ways to get the job done better, faster, and cheaper.

The result? Significant reductions in cost, scrap and turntimes —and significant improvements in quality.

Our work supporting the Next Generation program offers countless examples.

Here’s one. Pre-sorted, rotable parts kits delivered directly to the Spirit AeroSystems production line through a consumption based, pull system.

Next Steps
Our work supporting the Boeing Next Generation program has been exciting—opening new vistas of achievement, opportunity and growth. And the future promises even more.

Already underway: an innovative effort to convert all 737 production into a multi-machine, multi-pallet cell system which will free up 60% more capacity for Accurus to take on additional work projects.

Performance. Flexibility. Innovation.Standard-setting technologies and cutting-edge manufacturing know-how.

The ability to tailor our infrastructure and processes to specific customer needs—and the willingness to invest in long-term working partnerships.

These have been keys to our success in supporting the Boeing 737 program. They are the hallmarks of every job we do.

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